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One-stop Mobile Electricity Supply Solution

AP Power Limited is an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of the AP Rentals Holdings Limited (HKEx 1496), a listed company in Hong Kong. The corporation was established in 18 December 2018 and has changed its name after to AP Power Limited in February 2020.

As one of the leading mobile electricity providers in the region, we provide services on:

Mobile Electricity Supply System
Mobile Electricity Supply System
Maintenance and Repairing
and Repairing
Data Reporting
Work Completion Certificate (WR1) Issuance
Work Completion
Certificate (WR1) Issuance

Carbon emission can be reduced more than 30%

years expertise from partial of management team members on smart generators
kVA of mobile electricity supply
years experiences from partial of management team members in mobile electricity supply
major projects participated

Our Services
Why AP Power?

We provide mobile electricity:

  • with efficient, reliable and cost-effective mode
  • with raw data report on carbon emission of the machines leased by customers for clients to prepare their ESG report
  • acting as an alternative to fixed electricity installations in speedy services
  • in renewable energy, such as biofuel (B5 to B100), BESS
  • through green power

We can immediately provide you with
UNINTERRUPTED Mobile Electricity.

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